Alhambra Solitaire Pogo

Start to enjoy free online the fun Alhambra Solitaire Pogo game and collect the highest score to become the best player! The objective that you need to accomplish if you want to win is quite exciting. You will be required to form eight piles in the shortest time. You will play with two decks. Firstly, 4 A in 4 suits and 4K will be dealt at the beginning of 8 foundations. You have to put all of the cards into the right position as fast as possible. Piles will be set up with pieces that belong to the same suit, in which stacks that start with Ace will be created and the piles that come with K will be placed down. Not only that, 8 tableau heaps in Alhambra Solitaire will be distributed at the bottom. The remaining will generate the stock pile. When you flip something from that area to the waste, you can move the waste item to foundations. For the tableau lot, no new objects can be stacked on them. There are still several rules that you should master. Let’s join the room and apply them smartly!

How to play

Use the mouse to move and flip cards.

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