Balloon Bounce Pogo

Balloon Bounce Pogo is an interesting puzzle game. It is available for you to play and entertain yourself. In order to collect the highest score, you need to complete your mission as soon as possible. What you will do after you engage include increasing shaped balloons in size and destroying all aliens before they take over the airspace. You are allowed to choose weapons to trap the opponent. Besides, do not let any of them touch your object or they will be popped. Once you conquer 4 rounds in Balloon Bounce, you can win and obtain a Jackpot Spin. If you finish the target of every stage, you are able to defeat remaining enemies to gather extra points. When you make the meter full, you can launch several power-ups such as Time Bomb, Lead Balloon, and Slow Motion. Bonus missions that are triggered during the journey will offer big scores. When you progress, you will receive diamonds. Have fun!

How to play

Hold LMB to inflate balloons. Drag these items while holding left click to avoid aliens. Release to keep them safe.

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