BATTLESHIP: Naval Combat Pogo

BATTLESHIP: Naval Combat Pogo is a classic online board game for you to play for free. Show up the own abilities and defeat the opponent as soon as possible to dominate all of the seas. You will start off with a fleet and you will command your team during the challenge. Follow the rule and you can embark on the real fight after you prepare. You and the other will move in turn. When your chance comes, you will seek the position that their group is located. If you select exactly, their units will be exploded in an instant. They can do the same for you. At the end of BATTLESHIP: Naval Combat, you will win when you have more remaining boats. While launching attacks, you can unlock a lot of powerful weapons like torpedoes or heat-seeking missiles. They will cause amazing firestorms. Besides, you can earn more tokens for each afloat. Get ready to discover 10 locations and conquer all now!

How to play

Use the mouse to find and sink opponent’s ships.

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