Blackjack Carnival Pogo

Blackjack Carnival is an exciting Pogo game in which you are able to amuse yourself and take part in a cool challenge. Try to collect the higher score than the point of the dealer to win the round! You will embark on your job and begin to make a bet. Click on buttons such as 10, 25, 50, or 100 before putting down a wager. The maximum is 250 tokens. Cards will appear below the pieces of the rival. To choose another, you will tap on the Hit button. You are allowed to do that in Blackjack Carnival multiple times. But, you should not go over 21. When you are certain of your decision and make sure that you can win, press Stand! Besides, SPLIT will be activated if you are dealt a pair. It will divide blackjack hand into two hands. If you’d like to master everything, you’d better follow the suggestion showing how to handle each of them. Turn on the Tip to learn more. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use arrow keys to move and change the direction of balloons before dropping them.

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