Dice City Roller Pogo

Remember that building a real estate empire in the Dice City Roller Pogo game is the key leading to your victory! You will have the great opportunity to challenge your abilities along with multiple people. In other words, you are going to play against up to 20 other opponents in order to gain the most points by collecting property cards. You are able to own those pieces by filling them with dice or by acquiring them in an auction. With the score that you obtain, you can bid for Banks, Businesses, and more. At the start of Dice City Roller, you will receive a set of five cubes containing numbers. These must be used wisely to capture more houses and other areas. There are four rounds named “quarters”. Each of them has three dice rolls. The Full House will ask a group of two matching dice and a collection of three corresponding objects. Meanwhile, Straight will require a series of five consecutive small blocks. Exactly needs a combination that adds to specific figures like 7, 13, 21 or 27. For All Even, you can understand it easily. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move dice.

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