First Class Solitaire Pogo

First Class Solitaire Pogo is a travel-themed solitaire game in which you are required to place available cards in numerical order in alternating suits to become the winner. To gain more scores, you should look for the bonus pieces. They are hidden among the standard ones. They will reveal a special multiplier. You will join a room and move all of the given items from the table and the deck into one of the four foundation piles at the top of the screen. New ones of the same suit will be added in ascending sequence, from Ace to King. Sort of 52 objects in First Class Solitaire into the correct places and you will win. Shuffles and deals are random. When you get stuck, you can start another and gather tokens as well as collect tokens that you have obtained from the previous round. Remember to have a look at the guide before you engage! Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to arrange cards.

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