Hearts Pogo

Hearts Pogo is a classic game. Your mission is to try to keep your score low. You are able to complete that goal by picking up the least amount of heart suited cards. When you pass undesired pieces, you will become the winner. Indeed, the objective is to get the fewest points at the end of Hearts. Note that items will be broken when you or somebody controls a heart of the Queen of Spades. There is an interesting feature called “Shooting the Moon”. It is considered as a special strategy that you can choose all and improve the result of others or subtract from yours. Besides, you can check another which is harder than the previous. You will take everything on the deck and earn more for the rest or decrease your own. Actually, there are still many passing strategies. In order to learn more about those tips, you should engage right now. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to take cards and keep your score low.

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