Plants vs. Zombies Pogo

Plants vs. Zombies game offers three fun modes to choose from. Choose the challenge that you like most and embark on your mission. An epidemic has outbroken and it turns everyone in the town into zombies, except you. These monsters are approaching your small yard and they will invade your home if you do not stop them. Moreover, they will eat your brain and you have to die or change into one of them. Don’t worry! You will be given many special items at the beginning. Additionally, you will unlock a lot of powerful weapons and get 11 powerful perennials when you level up. Firstly, you can collect dropping sun. Next, you will grow sunflowers to gather more. When you complete a stage in Plants vs. Zombies Pogo, you will obtain other gear like peashooters and cherry bombs, wall-nut or sun-shroom. Keep in mind that some enemies can emerge from graves. If you join Survival and Puzzle, you will have the opportunity to break big vases containing the starved undead or roll dangerous nuts. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to build your tower defense.

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