Squelchies Pogo

Squelchies Pogo is a fun online game in which you can see rows of strange fishes living in a forgotten sea. They are approaching the seabed and you are required to remove these before they reach the bottom. You are allowed to move one or a group of them from a column to another position. Depending on the existing difficulty, when you match up enough creatures of the same color, they will be removed. If you want to conquer the Medium and Hard level, you should collect four Squelchies at once. Meanwhile, the Expert will ask you to search for at least five. If you form successful matches, Chucky the Crab will slowly walk on the floor towards the treasure chest. The wave will end once he gets close to the item and you can advance. After beating three rounds, you will receive a Jackpot spin. There are many power-ups which assist you during the challenge. Let’s start and enjoy!

How to play

Use the mouse to move and match Squelchies.

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