Tumble Bees Pogo

Tumble Bees is a fun and addictive Pogo game in which you will have the chance to enjoy sunny days and embark on an interesting job. You will take control of several little bees and you should give them a hand so these special characters can make honey. After you join the stage, you need to prevent letters from filling up their honeycomb by spelling as many words as possible. If you build up the longer names, you will obtain the better result. They are also more valuable. When you are successful, each of them will add more honey to the pot. If it is full, you will become the winner and earn lots of tokens. If you gather the Royal Jelly in Tumble Bees, you will be granted extra coins. Not only that, you will receive more food if you choose Green Tiles or form the buzz term. These events will help you reach the goal that you expect sooner. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to spell words.

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