Turbo 21 Pogo

Turbo 21 Pogo is a single casino game which is known as the turbo-charged version of blackjack. It is free for you to explore and engage an exciting racing without difficulty. But, it is not simple to complete your mission. You are required to stack cards in groups that add up to 21. If you get 13 “21s” before the clock runs out, you will win big and collect a progress point towards the Bonus competition. You will race through the deck while making as many 21s as possible within 30 seconds as you can across four lanes. In Turbo 21, you should seize the opportunity to activate one of the three power-ups consisting of Extra Time and Easy Spin. However, do not forget to find out proper tips. You are advised to avoid stacking two pieces that build up to 20. An Ace will get you to the result you expect. Do not obtain too many 5-Card Gimmies! By controlling 1-4 buttons on your keyboard, you can play faster. Make sure each lane will have not similar values. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to stack cards in Turbo 21 game.

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